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Jane Austen

Friday, June 12, 2015

Aparajita Tumi - June 10, 2015

AN intriguing movie that I had the fortune of at last watching yesterday!! Loved the actors (somehow only Prosenjit Chatterjee was a misfit) and actresses! Such ease, elegance, and elan with which they ruled the scenes.. I had no idea that it was directed by ANiruddha Roychoudhury, but then I began to sense it, having watched Antaheen just an hour back.. After almost a day and almost no sleep, I am unable to get over the movie.. These two new actresses are so so good! and Indranil Sengupta again! Just when I was cherishing the beautiful songs of Antaheen and feeling thankful for Shantanu Moitra and Anindya and Chandril, I was again treated by this deluge of lyrical music that Aparajita Tumi offers through this trio and through singers like Rupankar!
My family had watched this movie in Jan 2012 in the theater, celebrating my parents' anniv, when I was not here.. Last night, I watched it alone, with nobody around, till 2-40 am.. It was as if a whole circle became complete! Thanks Zee Bangla Cinema!

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