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Jane Austen

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A "NO" is a "NO" - even if it is from a sex worker -- How many Understand this? "PINK" has tried its best.

Watched "Pink" this afternoon - It was showed on Star Gold from 1 pm to 4 pm.. Right now, my mind is crowded with many thoughts.. too many thoughts.. How many Indian men get the concept that a "No" from a woman is a "No".. irrespective of whether the woman is his wife, his girlfriend, a sex worker, or someone he has just met at a party.. "Aisi ladkion ke saath aise hi hota hain".. How many times have we heard this? from aunts, uncles, mothers, neighbors, and everybody around us.. Which girls? Single girls, working girls living alone in cities, girls returning home late at night, girls going out with friends, girls wearing short dresses and makeup, girls laughing aloud, girls boarding cabs alone, girls roaming in streets alone.. I do many of these things, I fall in many of these categories.. and yet, that does not mean that I or any woman like me is crying out aloud that "I am cheap", "I am available"..
The girl Meenal had hit back.. A girl hitting back? Why? She was drinking, laughing, and she was not a virgin.. So why would she say "No" to me? Hit and fled? Wait till we get hold of her and show her what molestation and rape is! This is how the minds of these guys work.
I had heard about a guy who would never allow his wife to stay away from him, because he had sex (read he raped her) 365 nights of the year, on nights she menstruated, on nights she was physically ill, on nights she was tired, on nights she was depressed.. Of 5 -6 years of their married life that girl had never stayed at her parents' place, the girl had to have sex every night.. Telling "No" is out of the question. There are parts of India where the culture is such that men grow up with the idea that the moment they get married they are licensed to have sex with the wife any time and any moment and as many times as they want to. The wife's opinion does not matter. A woman's opinion or unwillingness does not matter. The man is entitled.
It is very difficult for these men of India to listen to a "No", to understand a "No", to accept a "No", to digest a "No".
You are roaming around in Park Street on the eve of Chirstmas, wearing a short skirt. You must be cheap. Why would you tell me "No"? You are surely not a "Sati", not a virgin.. When you have had it with others, why not me, Yaar? You do not want it? Why? Suddenly you are becoming a "Sati"?
PINK, as a movie, is good. Thoughtfully made with brilliants actors. But, I doubt whether the message that Pink wanted to convey would go into heads where it need to go.
Anyway, "WELL DONE" to everybody in the crew of Pink!

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