"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."
Jane Austen

Thursday, January 27, 2011

just another love story

It is chilly again today!! The winds have returned from the North!! And I am blogging after quite some time.

Last Friday I went to "Priya" to watch "AarekTi premer galpo" (Just Another Love Story) - controversies have run high over this "daring" movie and the movie has not been released in Nandan in order to protect the "sanctity" of the venue!

One is left to wonder how could "AarekTi Premer Galpo" have ruined the so-called sanctity of this venue when movies like "Bibar", "Shunyo e Buk-e" and "Antar baas" did not! How long are "we" going to shut our eyes and deny to see anything and everything that is "different" from what we have always been taught to perceive as "normal", "standard" and "correct"?

How can "love" (between whomever it may be and in whatever form it may be) not be sacred ever? Does love lose its sanctity if it is between an effeminate male and a traditionally manly guy?
Why cannot we simply accept the fact that there are more than two sexes in this world who have their own orientations and preferences? How long are we going to shut our eyes and deny the existence of the other  sexes? If a man and a woman can get recognition and respect for what they are, why cannot the other groups receive the same acceptance?

We forget that we are what we are because of our endocrinological systems! If you believe in God, it is He who has made us the way we are! What makes us think that we have the right to hold our chins up for our sexual orientations while some others should be belittled and laughed at for what they are? What makes us think that they should be ashamed of themselves and hide their natural manners and instincts? What makes us think that they cannot or do not have the right to love?

My mother went to watch the movie with me and I had my apprehensions! Knowing her, she might have had totally hated what the movie told and showed! But I was pleasantly surprised when I found her touched by the film! For the next few days I found her thinking and talking about Rituparno, and Chapal Bhaduri, and Churni! She was very impressed by Rituparno's acting - well, everybody has acted brilliantly and Rituparno was absolutely wonderful!!


  1. Haven't seen the movie. Although i strongly oppose homosexual relationships .. can't see how the movie could have destroyed the sanctity of Nandan.

  2. I have heard about this movie and also read reviews which praised way such a sensitive(??) issue has been handled. i feel proud that movies on such daring topics are being made. Maybe some day people will accept the truth and open their eyes. How can people say that believe in God and then denounce his creation. Who are we to discard people? Anyway, i am longing to watch this movie.

  3. @Surjyadip,

    If you strongly oppose homosexual relationships, you should be strongly opposing all kinds of sexual relationships!

    If it is acceptable when a man's instincts make him feel attracted to a woman, why is it not acceptable when his instincts draw him towards another man??
    Its high time we broaden our minds and stop opposing things that we just do not understand or just dont believe to be "normal".

  4. @koyel,

    I am not praising the way the entire movie has been handled - a very good filmmaker (say of the class of Satyajit Ray or Ritwik Ghatak) would have shown certain things in symbolic and figurative ways and that would have magnified the beauty of the portrayal.

    If you ask me, I will give it a 8 out of 10!! Full marks to Kaushik Ganguly for thinking about making this and Arijit Biswas (our SPHS classmate, do u remember him?)for daring to produce it!! And the way everybody acted is simply superb!! These are all my humble opinions though :P

  5. Loved the movie and also your blog... though i think that at some places things could have been stated subtly and symbolically rather than making it so brazenly obvious. As pointed out by Jisshu in the film that Abhiroop (Ritu) was trying to make a statement by wearing his hair the way he did, I too believe that at some places he did go overboard making it look artificial and assertive. I loved Mr. Chapal Bhaduri and found him to be the most endearing and natural of the lot. Ritu did look extremely pretty though. Overall, it was the same old story of a human being exploited by fellow humans. In this case it was the third gender utilised by the other two, thereby creating waves of discomfort among some.
    @Surjyadip: sorry to have interrupted your line of beliefs, but I don't see any logic in your "strongly" opposing anything that does not fall into the linear pattern of things.

  6. @kaleido,

    I fully agree with u- certain things cd hv bn stated subtly and symbolically.. dats wat iv tried to say in my reply to Koyel's comment.. Chapal Bhaduri is natural as he ds not try to put on or prove anything.. I had seen a telefilm on him a few yrs back which intrigued me to the utmost..