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Jane Austen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

India Wins the Cricket World Cup 2011!! Still Cant believe it!!

Dhoni hit the 6 and froze for two seconds. India has been winning matches and tournaments over the past couple of years. As I realised Dhoni had scored the winning runs I clapped and cheered - somewhat out of a habit now. I was yet to realise what exactly had happened. Suddenly, the camera showed the players' enclosure and froze on Sachin's face. Relief, joy, pride, ecstasy writ large on my favorite cricketer's face hammered into me the magnitude of the match that has just been won. It was the World Cup Final!! India has beaten Sri Lanka in the Final and won the WORLD CUP!!! My eyes brimmed to my surprise. Having never ever experienced "tears of joy" in my life, I understood for the first time what the phrase means.
The camera showed Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh venting out their emotions and weeping openly. Yuvraj was uncontrollable. I could feel their emotions merging into mine. I realised that a REAL World Cup win cannot be compared with anything. It was the most emotional cricket moment that I have ever experienced.
Sachin ran out of the enclosure with a glowing face and embraced teammates. He unlocked MSD from a teammate's hug and held him in the tightest possible embrace. Yuvraj hid his face on Sachin's shoulder and wept like a child. Later, Gautam Gambhir, Zaheer Khan, Virat Kohli, Harbhajan and the others made no efforts of hiding the name of the special person for whom they have tried and achieved what they did.


  1. Your Blog is really incomplete without this Video of Dhoni's last hit