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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebration in my own little way...

The whole thing has not sunk in yet. As a result, I am not able to express all my feelings and thoughts on India ending up to be the World Cup 2011 winner.

Here is a humble compilation of the Facebook updates that I have posted since the VICTORY:

Tears in my eyes.. the moment i saw Sachin's overjoyed face.

Dhoni, We hv no words for you. ♥

I still cant believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ to Team India, Dhoni, Sachin and every cricket loving Indian :)

A captain who was criticized throughout the World Cup, shone like a diamond in the Final, scored the final runs with a HUGE SIX -- I love the scriptwriter :)

The Captain of the World Cup winning team = the Man of the Match in the World Cup Final ♥

It is heartwarming to hear every member of the Indian Team mention Sachin's name - A Tribute that Sachin deserved.

Gautam Gambir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh- Every Indian Cricket-lover salutes you for the highest successful run-chase in a World Cup Final.

A Victory Lap that we wont ever forget!!!


Sachin--Oh Sachin..

duniya muTThi mein :)

Awesome pasta for lunch at Marco Polo to celebrate India's World Cup victory :D :) ♥ thanks to my dad!!

‎"Pehle HARAAYA Goron ko, fir Haramkhoron ko aur ab Sita ke choron ko....jai ho!" ;)

‎"Anhonee ko honee karr de.. honee ko anhonee.. ek jagah jab jama ho tinon.. Rajni, Gajni aur Dhoni" :D

I was alive when India won CWC 2011 :)

Yuvi to the Press : ""Really sorry to disappoint you all - it's not my girlfriend - it's for Sachin Tendulkar. I wanted to win the cup for him.""


    • Photo Courtesy: Yahoo!

It was payback time indeed.

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