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Jane Austen

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ma's 66th Birthday -- May 4, 2016

Ma's Birthday, 66th today.. Our first 4th May without the physical presence of Baba, our 3rd 4th May without Baba's "presence"..
On 4th May, 2014, then admitted in Ruby General Hospital, Baba first showed signs of neurological problems following his head injury.. that was the day when Ma first felt alarmed.. Still, I wanted to make her feel special and got her favorite Mango Ice-Cream for her..
On 4th, May 2015, post-debridement and unable to sit up even with support, Baba was totally unaware and oblivious of what was happening around him.. I took a cake and a nightdress for Ma.. It was my ardent wish that we take the cake to Baba's room, call him as many times needed, make him wake up and realize that it was Ma's Birthday and that we were cutting a cake, and feed him a piece.. (who would say he had himself cut his cake and had his piece just 2 months back).. But, the nurses opposed.. they said they did not have time and needed to do the dressing before one of them left.. Thus, Ma had to cut the cake in the drawing room, but she assured me later that she had fed Baba quite a few small pieces in the next few days..
Today, it is another year, another 4th May, a different year, a different time.. It is Ma's 66th Birthday today, and I am flooded with memories of the numerous dinners that Baba had treated us to at Kwality and Grain of Salt, at Sarson and Khandani Rajdhani.. happy evenings, happy times..
I have not been able to utter the words "Happy Birthday", today.. But, I have gifted her an attire that she wished to wear.. (last year, she had kept the nightdress aside, and could not wear it once, as after June 20, red became a prohibited color for her.. Stupid Indian Traditions! frown emoticon ) Today, I have insisted that she wears the dress, this evening only!
Baba, it is Ma's Birthday today.. without you around at all.. I can only imagine how she is feeling. I am feeling miserable, lumps in my throat now and then..

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