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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Siddhartha Wins Dadagiri Episode with a Century

Dadagiri was Baba's favorite Bangla program and he would watch every minute of every episode diligently. He would have loved yesterday's episode, Siddhartha Ray, as we all did!
It was an evening of excitement at our house, yesterday. My mother, who is quite lethargic these days in taking her evening shower and offering her evening prayers, completed everything as fast as she could and was ready for the episode to start.
As the show began, it was quite evident that you were going to be the star of the show. That is the "Siddhartha" effect. I vividly remember how the unruly traffic of a busy small town almost stopped when you crossed the road, while Ranabir and I lagged behind.
Each and every viewer of Dadagiri last evening got to know about the depth, profoundness, and thoroughness of your knowledge and the impeccability of your memory. The Addabaaj Baangali mejaj and your jovial nature must have won numerous hearts. You can very well imagine the pride, happiness, and affection that I was feeling throughout the show. There was non-stop clapping from Ma and me.
I just loved the way Anindita Chakravarti was blushing and how she uttered, "He is the perfect husband". Neel seemed to be understanding quite a few of Sourav's jokes.. growing up fast, is he not?
Baba would have been so proud of you, Siddhartha! We all are! I had no idea that you would be competing with Shubham who happens to be one of my favorites from a season of Saregamapa and he also did quite well in the last round. But, what you did over the last two rounds was Outstanding! And the deluge of details about the Boxing Day Test Match that you blurted out was awesome stuff! And I have never seen a participant select "Mythology" first up and follow it up with a correct answer. It showed your confidence and base of knowledge.
We all read, we all watch, but seldom do we remember or apply like you do!!
Really proud that I know you and have you as a brother!!
God Bless Anindita Chakravarti, Neel, your togetherness, and your family!! Lots of Love !<3 p="">

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