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Jane Austen

Friday, December 25, 2015

Dec 25, 2013

Thanks Nandikar for a wonderful Christmas.. Just back from Academy of Fine Arts after two back-to-back Nandikar grandeurs, Madhabi at 3 pm and Naachni at 6-30 pm.. No words for Swatilekha Sengupta for the direction of the multi-layered Madhabi, Rudraprasad Sengupta for his enanctment of Jajati, Debshankar Haldar for Galab in Madhabi and Pandab in Naachni, Swatilekha Sengupta for her enactment of Kusum Naachni.. praise praise and only PRAISE for SOhini Sengupta for two completely different avatars in Madhabi as Madhabi, and Bijolibala in Naachni.. I wonder how she changes her voice completely for two back-to-back plays, alters her volume, her personality, everything .. watched RS and Swatilekha for the first time on stage, watched Sohini and Debshankar for first time on stage.. what beautiful songs and stotras in Madhabi, lovely dancing, amazing ran-pa dancing in Naachni, wonderful folk songs with smell of maanbhum.. Magnificent, Majestic and Magical productions.. will never forget Sohini's last scene of Naachni..and the ambience that was created.. gave goosebumps..her restrained voice in Madhabi was also sending a cold shiver down the spine.. RS said he would turn 78 soon, I wonder how he danced along his character in Naachni, it needed so much animation! His humility exuded when he concluded this year's Nandikar Theatre Festival ..
Who would say Rudraprasad would turn 78 in a few months.. his body language, animated acting, playful dancing and powerful stepping in Naachni was unbelievable!

It was the last evening of my life before I came to know what having a bedridden patient at home meant.. life somewhat changed to different degrees from the next day..
I remember being on my own this Christmas evening and enjoying it to the fullest... Baba-Ma were out for a wedding invitation and returned home after I did.. I had taken home Biriyani for my dinner and asked Baba to bring a bottle of Sprite for me, which he did..

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