"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."
Jane Austen

Friday, December 25, 2015

He tried to save me from all sorts of trouble

Last year, this time, Ma was in the hospital, suffering from a bleeding ulcer and acute anemia.. I was at home with Baba who we thought was oblivious, not understanding 70 % of what was happening around him or with him.. But, how he surprised me when he started eating up his food in just 5 mins when on other days with Ma trying to feed him he often used to take more than 1.5 hours for each of his 3 meals! To be precise, Ma was admitted on the morning of 18th Dec and Baba started helping me and cooperating with me from that day lunchtime.. Both the nurse and I were astonished when he ate up his lunch in just a few minutes! And that continued for the next 7 days! I remember that night when I had no one to help me and I requested the delivery boy from the pharmacy to come upstairs with me and help me with turning Baba on his side.. The moment I arrived before Baba with the boy and told him what the boy would help with, he himself turned on his side, something that he had not done since his accident and surgeries! The boy was not needed to do anything more than just touching him lightly! When Baba saw Ma return home on Dec 24th, he changed drastically and refused to take his dinner, almost making me cry smile emoticon.. I guess he was unhappy why Ma was not feeding him when she was already back home.
My dear Baba, my heart rains whenever I think of those 7 days and how you helped me! Baba, who never wanted me to be in any kind of trouble, tried his best to lessen my problems during those days! Baba, who loved me more than anyone ever did, anyone ever would! heart emoticon
My heart bleeds today as I complete 6 months of Baba leaving this mortal world, not because he has left, but because he had suffered so much during those 14 months! Could not do anything to lessen his pain! Hope you are in a painless and peaceful world now, Baba! Miss you more than ever

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