"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."
Jane Austen

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Wonderful Evening with Subhajit and Soumi !

It is hard to express yourself in words when you feel love, camaraderie, affection, contentment, friendship, joy packed in one evening.. in a session of around 3 lovable hours
It was a visit from my schoolmate Subhajit Biswas (We sat together in class for quite a few months when we were in Class VII, having studied in the same section in Classes VII, VIII. XI, and XII) and his wife Soumi Sukla who happens to be a very dear and close friend of mine (although we had just met physically once before today), along with their beautiful 4-year old son Samyak Bodhi (whom I saw today for the first time).
What an evening it was!! Remembrances, fun, banter, pulling each other's legs, reminiscing old anecdotes that are endless we being Pointers, stories, experiences, sharing of memories and what not! Subhajit has always been the simple boy next door despite being a Cambridge scholar, someone whom I have always found endearing and adorable! His innocence, candidness, unpretentious attitude, wonderful soul, and unassuming behavior have always made him very dear to friends. And, by God's grace, each of these attributes that I mentioned are also owned by his wife Soumi with whom I had shared my deepest secrets at a time when I had not been able to share things with my friends and family. She is an inspiration having made it to Cambridge from Mankar, Burdwan. The simplicity and humility of this wonderful girl is exemplary. She is so down to earth that she touches your heart straightaway. Having met her only on the night of Santanu Chakraborty's wedding in 2009 December, she was the one who had always taken the initiative to keep in touch with me through emails and social sites. This couple is indeed a match made in heaven, touch wood! heart emoticon
Meeting and spending time with school-friends again reassures me that these are the only people who do not care about your social, marital, financial, or academical status. They love you. Period.
One of the myriad moments of today's affectionate banter: When Subhajit asked Ma why she is not teaching me crochet so that I can help her, Ma said that I am not good with these things. To this, Subhajit said "tui jodi BaRo hotis tahole toke shekhano jeto hoytoh, kintu tui toh BaRoi holina grin emoticon " (Had you grown up, you could have been taught maybe, but you are one who never grew up). I do not remember when was the last time I have laughed so hard and felt so much of affection being poured on me. He made one observation after another, about me, and I kept saying, "Ebar prochonDo maar Khabi".. DO not remember when I have said something like this to someone smile emoticon
Soumi touched our hearts by bringing beautiful flowers for Baba's picture and she gifted me a cute diary for writing poems smile emoticon heart emoticon Love you, girl! You are special!