"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."
Jane Austen

Sunday, February 7, 2016

AN Evening with My First Playmate

The evening began with a perfect orange Sun that looked photoshop-ed. I was on a rickshaw on my way to Dhakuria.. A sudden look at the sky above the Dhakuria Railway Crossing presented me with a surreal view of an orange disk.. For a moment, I thought I was seeing one of those photoshop-ed images on Facebook that we get to see everyday.. Then I realized in a moment that this was for real.. The city sun, perfect, round, clear, orange, mellow, just before bidding adieu..
On reaching Dhakuria, I gave a call to BhuTani-didi Jayeeta Ganguly, (my first-ever playmate) whom I had met in December 2015 after a huge gap of 22 years.. She gave me the most detailed and accurate direction one can give and was waiting in front of her house, waving to attract my attention..
The evening that followed was a wonderful session of ADDA, remembrances, reminiscences, sharing, laughter, smiles, and giggles..Things we remember!! The smell inside Kim Wah, the Chinese gentleman at the reception (BhuTani-di and I, a 5-yr-old and a 4 yr-old maybe, had seen a Chinese person for the first time and were pretty distracted from the food )tongue emoticon), the beautiful terrace adjoining Ganguly-Jethu's Lake Gardens house, Thamma, Baba, uncanny and strange similarities between how BhuTani-di and I have grown up to be similar human beings, our Ranna-BaTi khela, Bhutani-di's warning that Jethima does not like little girls playing Bor-Bou.. What all we remember and shared last evening!
Jethima's company was also a lovely one.. I do not remember ever spending so much time with her, getting to know her and love her..
We do not know when time flew and 5-30 became 8! BhuTani-didi walked all the way with me from Jodhpr pArk to the Dhakuria rickshaw stand.. As I stood at the entrance of Maharaja Tagore Road, the road where we lived and where the earliest memories of us had budded, I told her, "Katodin por tumi ar aami eksaathe Dhakuria-te" ..
We touched hands as the rickshaw started, I feeling immensely thankful for re-connecting with my earliest playmate.. feeling thankful for Suchir Aabhushan as the pretext of the visit was to deliver a pair of earrings that BhuTani-didi had ordered when she had visited the Exhibition..
Bottomline: Adore you, my dear BhuTani-didi


  1. It feels so good to meet some people after ages and find that you could share the same comfort zone :) nicely written

  2. It feels so good to meet some people after ages and find that you could share the same comfort zone :) nicely written

  3. sotyi re :) you are one of them too <3