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Jane Austen

Monday, February 15, 2016

FEB 15, 2014 -- post from FB

Well yesterday turned out to be moVie-Day for me.. back to back movies.. Aashiqui2 following the evening Raanjhaana.. and I did love Aashique 2. . I had never seen the previous aashiqui (I ws in class VIII , I hd the cassette.. bought it for Rs 18!.. and had listened to it maybe 1800 times.. but I never knew much abt the movie.. ) .. this one bears the typical Bhatt Banner pathos that lingers, intrigues and stays poignant.. similar kind of subject and storyline like Woh Lamhe, Daddy etc, but of course each film is different.. loved the newcomers, Shraddha is a beautiful actress.. and I dont knw why Aditya's face and expressions do stay in the mind.. beautiful songs, I wondered why only 2 of them hv become so popular! Shreya Ghosal , a melody queen, sings her part of Suna Raha hain na tu so beautifully that the male--voice-sung part seems drab.. good lyrics, Mithoon is someone whose name I find as the lyricist whenever I like lyrics of hindi songs these days.. Aashiqui2 has the same kind of Bhatt magic that makes a movie stay with me ..guess, Mohit Suri has become a pro at that magic now..

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